Bully Girl

Bully Girl, the world’s #1 Bully Breed Magazine, has always been you’re best resource for knowledge and information on the Bully Breed. Bully Girl has now taken it one step further. The Bully Girl app will not only revolutionize the way the Bully Breeders gain knowledge on the breed, but our goal is to revolutionize the way all dog breeders and enthusiasts educate themselves on all dog breeds.

Inside the app, users will be able to download every available issue of Bully Girl Magazine, as well as other magazines and e-books on various different breed types. Also, all dog breeders and enthusiasts looking to purchase a new puppy, will now be able to do so using the Bully Girl app. We’ve included every popular breed of dog we could think of, with plans to add more breeds in the future. The best category that we have included is our Adoption-Rescue category. It is always better for any breed to adopt or rescue a beloved canine friends, rather that shop for a new puppy.

The Bully Girl app also has an Announcements section, where we will be keeping our community informed of upcoming dog shows and events, as well as dog and puppy care products, supplements and nutrition information.

Create your profile today to begin your new canine journey with Bully Girl. We hope you enjoy the app!